© 2019 by PURE REMEDY

Still walking & running with the wind across all lands and skies, adapting to the chaotic, optimistic, eccentrically familiar and unfamiliar tones of music, Pure Remedy is a four-piece Chicago alternative rock band born in the summer of 2008. Four musically inclined self taught musicians & aura brothers from all parts of the city, acquiring strengths of the transformation of sound collages and all of their energy like acrobatic magicians. From their 2009 scrapped demo “Watered in the Cellar” singles such as “Of a Child”, “The Others”, to their officially much embraced first album “Remedio” in 2015 with chimes & profound transport songs such as “Teleport” & “Blackbutterfly”, Pure Remedy has currently finished up their much anticipated sophomore 9 track album entitled “Whispers” out December 8th 2018. With the privilege to open up & perform along side an array of amazing local & national- international artists, the birth of 2019 will feature a cosmos of profound vibrations with the new release, along with an invited guest in the album & big festival invitations. Always searching and interconnecting, Pure Remedy lives to be your tonic & mending potion.